Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bragging Rights

I'm going to brag about my wife for a bit because she would never brag about herself. Last night her band Kissing Cousins opened for David Bazan and Headlights at Alex's Bar in Long Beach. On paper this was facilitated by Jeff Cloud at her label Velvet Blue, but in reality it was made possible by the fact that Heather is a gracious and hospitable and damn likable woman. Because Heather went out of her way at the Bazan house show in January to make all feel welcome and appreciated, which she did primarily for me, she in turn had a dream come true to open for Bazan a few weeks later. Furthermore, between then and now she had two members quit her band. Instead of being discouraged, she found two new members and they rehearsed their asses off to be ready for the show. Last night it all paid off for her. The Cousins played a great set--I knew Heather was nervous beforehand, but no one else would have. She played with confidence and balls. Yeah, I said it. My wife plays with balls. So here's to you, dear. Way to fucking bring it. Congrats on playing a great show.

I'm also going to take a brief moment to brag on my friends, even though they wouldn't hesitate to brag on themselves. They showed up in droves last night, from Los Angeles and Long Beach. They were supportive, cheering loudly and proudly for their Cousins, and they are always ready to have a great time. So thank you. Heather and I have the best friends in the world.


  1. Hooray for Heather's balls! :)

  2. Aww Ben! You're so sweet. What a wonderful marriage!