Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Music Thursday: Soft Crest

Oh, Pablo J "Tearin' At My Heart Strings" Harper. You and your illustrious counterpart have created some gorgeous music. On one hand I agree with your categorization of "shoegaze" because Soft Crest invokes lush soundscapes and hushed vocals reminiscent of Slowdive and Cocteau Twins. But, my friend, "shoegaze" belies the certain playful joy that to me is evident in the music. Sure, it's rainy day music, but the kind of rainy day where the sun keeps poking through. It's like movie rain! Anyway, I've been enjoying this sunny weather, walking around Silver Lake listening to this song called "Beach Town" from Soft Crest's new EP Neon Chrome. It's a damn fine tune, perfect for a day like today. You can download the whole EP right now for free on their Facebook page. I highly suggest you do so.

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