Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Formal Apology To Jeff Tweedy

I've been a lukewarm Wilco fan for many years. I owned Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, saw a bad ass live concert of theirs on PBS, sorta liked some of their older jams, didn't pay much attention to anything after that. Then I found out innovative guitar god Nels Cline joined the band around the time of A Ghost Is Born. I immediately got that record and fell in love with the guitar playing. It was border line psychotic in its frenetic delivery, transcendent really. It made me a Wilco fan. And all this time I've attributed this unlikely turn of events to the arrival of Nels Cline to the band. But I was wrong. Jeff Tweedy played all the guitar parts that I loved on that record. So credit where credit is due. Sorry, Mr. Tweedy, for doubting you. I repent. You are in fact a bad ass. Here's a video of my favorite.

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